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Professionally and in flight, we will ensure the perfect cleaning of your home.

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You know the divine feeling, when you return to a beautifully tidy and clean-smelling home after a long day at work? When you don't need anything, just enjoy family time with each other or lie down on a comfortable couch and let go of the worries of the day watching a favorite movie? You can indulge in this feeling with us, whenever you want.

Just call us or send a non-binding order and we will select one of our verified and trained cleaning ladies based on your requirements., who will be happy to take care of the regular cleaning of your home. Have a household, which shines with purity couldn't be easier.

You need to clean up once before Christmas, Easter, after reconstruction, painting or party? In addition to regular cleaning, we will also arrange a one-time cleaning for you. Your home will be clean once or twice, fragrant and ready to visit even the most important guests.

Price list

House cleaning

According to the clock

Regular cleaning / Ironing240 CZK / hour
One-time cleaning / Washing windows290 CZK / hour
The price includes the work of the worker and insurance for damage.
We are VAT payers
The work takes minimal 3 hours.
Transport around Prague, including cleaning products and cleaning aids - 570,-CZK.
When, that the customer has his own means and aids, we do not charge shipping.

You are only a step away from a beautifully clean and fragrant home. Fill in your requirements in our non-binding form or call us directly. We will discuss everything together and arrange all the details.

  • Our trained cleaning team is discreet and respects your privacy.
  • We professionally clean small and large apartments, family houses and villas.
  • We clean at intervals and at the time of day, which you choose.
  • We can use your cleaning products or secure new ones.
  • You are not disturbed during cleaning.
How to order, cleaning and payment


Ordering our cleaning service is easy. Just fill out the order form or leave your phone number. We will contact you as soon as possible and together we will fine-tune all the details to your satisfaction. In addition to the date and time of the first cleaning, we will also agree on the means, which will be used.

First cleaning

A carefully selected cleaning lady will arrive to you on the agreed date. You will show it the first time you clean it, where, what you find and communicate everything you need. Our cleaning ladies are trained and will promptly adapt to your requirements and the operation of your household.

Confirmation of cooperation

After the first cleaning we will contact you to find out if you were satisfied with your new housewife or if you would like another. Housewife, which you choose, will then clean up with you regularly.


For the first service, payment is usually made by advance invoice. Then you can choose the method of payment yourself, whether it is a payment by bank transfer, or monthly invoice.

Bedroom and living room

Take advantage of our cleaning services and your bedroom and living room will always be ready to offer you exactly the kind of well-being and atmosphere, which means home.

We will take care of:

  • dusting of furniture and all accessible areas;
  • cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces;
  • change of bed linen;
  • dusting appliances;
  • luxation of carpets;
  • landing;
  • floor washing.


When the kitchen is clean, one joy boils in it. And it's even better, when you don't have to think about washing dishes and how to clean it all up. Make your life easier and order a clever and reliable cleaning lady from FlyClean.

We will take care of:

  • emptying the sink and loading the dishes into the dishwasher;
  • cleaning the inside of the microwave oven;
  • dusting of all available areas;
  • washing kitchen appliances;
  • cleaning the kitchen surface;
  • cleaning the inside of the fridge;
  • landing;
  • floor washing.

Bathroom and toilet

Cleanliness and smell simply belong to the bathroom. Start each new day in harmony and well-being, which brings a tidy environment.

We will take care of:

  • toilet cleaning, showers, bathtubs and washbasins;
  • cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces;
  • washing floors and tiles;
  • dusting of furniture;
  • landing;
  • towel change.
Cleaning products
  • We will use your cleaning products or provide new ones for cleaning.
  • We will arrange everything for the first cleaning, then through your housekeeper.
  • We will equip your household with quality micro-cloths.
  • You pay for the funds with an invoice with cleaning.